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Ingress Resources, the final piece of the puzzle?

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I’ve been using service-loadbalancer in my cluster and annotated my services to make them available outside the cluster network. With the release of Kubernetes 1.2 there is another alternative, the Ingress Resources.

You can read more about the Ingress resource in the Kubernetes Reference Documentation.

I’ve always felt that there’s been something missing in Kubernetes when it comes to exposing services. There has been multiple ways of doing it, and it’s been up to you or your Kubernetes provider to decide how. You can use the service-loadbalancer method but it’s a bit messy. You need to keep track of your annotations, and I personally think that they shouldn’t be there in the first place. With the Ingress Resource you get a clear separation between your service, and how you expose the service outside your cluster.

Ingress controller

Creating an Ingress without an Ingress controller will have no effect. So we first need to install a controller. You can read more about Ingress controllers here.

There is a nginx-ingress-controller in the contrib repository and an image gcr.io/google_containers/nginx-ingress-controller. If you read any of my earlier posts, then you know that I’m running Kubernetes-On-ARM.

There is no official nginx-ingress-controller-arm image yet, but if you want you can use mine. I’ve built the same image chain as the nginx-ingress-controller, but for armhf. Here’s the image chain:

I’ve also built the defaultbackend-armhf image: https://hub.docker.com/r/kodbasen/defaultbackend-armhf/

All you need to do is to change the images in the rc.yaml file:

wget -q https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubernetes/contrib/master/ingress/controllers/nginx/rc.yaml \
&& sed -i -e "s;gcr\.io/google_containers/nginx-ingress-controller;kodbasen/nginx-ingress-controller-armhf;" "rc.yaml" \
&& sed -i -e "s;gcr\.io/google_containers/defaultbackend;kodbasen/defaultbackend-armhf;" "rc.yaml"

Now your ready to deploy your nginx-ingress-controller-armhf:

$ kubectl create -f rc.yaml

That’s it, you can now start experimenting with Ingress Resources on Kubernetes-On-ARM.

Ingress Resources is maybe the final piece of the puzzle, to make Kubernetes totally awesome. What do you think?

19 May 2016 #Development #Docker #Kubernetes #ARM