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Kubernetes on Scaleway - Part 1 (Revisited) & 2

Development Kubernetes Docker Cloud

Things doesn’t always turn out as planned. This is specially true when it comes to this series, on how to setup Kubernetes on Scaleway. The plan was that part 2 would be about setting up an ingress-controller and securing the api-server and dashboard. But in the meantime, while I was struggling with getting weave working on ARM and re-writing my own little project sloop, Kubernetes v1.4.0 was released with the kubeadm tool.

9 Oct 2016 #Development #Docker #Kubernetes #Traefik #Scaleway

Setting up Kubernetes on Scaleway - Part 1

Development Kubernetes Docker, Cloud

This post is the first in a series on setting up Kubernetes using the bare-metal cloud provider Scaleway. Scaleway offers bare-metal servers both for ARM and x86-64. I will show how to set up Kubernetes on ARM using the Scaleway C1 server.

17 Aug 2016 #Development #Docker #Kubernetes #Sloop #ARM #AMD64 #Scaleway

Jenkins on Kubernetes ARM

Development Kubernetes Docker CI/CD

Jenkins is a tool for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and has a plugin for provisioning builds (slaves) cross a Kubernetes cluster.

26 Jul 2016 #Development #Docker #Kubernetes #Raspberry PI #ARM #ARM64 #Jenkins