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E(F)K cluster on Kubernetes-On-ARM - Part 2

Development Kubernetes Docker ARM Raspberry PI

This is the second part in a series about handling logs on Kubernetes-On-ARM. In the first part we installed ELK and started sending syslog events from our nodes using logstash-forwarder. In this part we will start collecting logs from our pods and Kubernetes components. If you wan’t to cache up here’s a list of previous posts:

The plan was that this part would be about how to start collecting logs from Kubernetes. But I wasn’t satisfied with how logstash-forwarder worked. The thing is that, once the logstash-forwarder daemon is started, the node can’t run much else.

2 May 2016 #Development #Docker #Kubernetes #Raspberry PI #Elasticsearch #Fluentd #Logstash #Kibana #ARM #Logging